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Curriculum for Infants

Miracle Children’s AcademyBaby’s first year is an exciting time with lots of exploration and discovery. Research shows experiences that involve sensory and motor investigations and engage infants in social interactions build brain connections.
Activities are integrated across all domains of infant development – physical, emotional, social, and intellectual – and develop a wide variety of skills, including:

  • Language acquisition
  • Sense of self
  • Sensory awareness
  • Gross motor skills
  • And more!

Curriculum for toddlers

Guide little navigators and encourage their sense of discovery. Support active learning through hands-on play, create secure connections, and motivate exploration.

  • Supports learning to read the world through play-based learning experiences and integrated classroom materials.
  • Fosters self-regulation of emotions, behaviors, attention, and body control.
  • Transforms everyday family routines into playful learning moments. 

The stages of development are unique to each child.

Curriculum for twos

Miracle Children's AcademySupport the can-do attitude of two-year-olds and use their natural curiosity for hands-on discovery. Provide a rich learning environment that expands vocabulary and broadens self-regulation skills.

  • Contains playful learning experiences to challenge problem-solving skills.
  • Uses discovery learning to support growing independence.
  • Explores emotions and builds social interaction skills.

Curriculum for threes

Capture three-year-olds' natural curiosity!

  • Allows learning experiences integrated across all learning domains.
  • Provides new language and social navigation skills.
  • Contains a wealth of support materials including posters, storybooks, family newsletters, and much more.

Curriculum for pre-k

Ignite wonder with learning experiences foster a deeper understanding of a child's world.

  • Develops essential readiness skills through play and investigation.
  • Connects families with tools to transform everyday routines into learning opportunities.
  • Promotes best practices, provides a detailed concept web, and simplifies lesson planning.

Curriculum for Fives

Expand on the skills and independent learning of five-year-olds. With learning objectives derived from a cross-analysis of state requirements, Curriculum for Fives features a systematic phonics approach that gives children the skills to become strong readers. Hands-on activities for language arts, science, math, and social studies provide extended opportunities for discovery.

Our ultimate goal is for children to become competent and eager learners. Providing a unique balance of classroom support materials, family connection components, and easy to understand strategies for putting it all together, High Reach learning curriculum makes it easier and so much more interesting.